Let Us Help You!

We are a creative company, not just a web design company. From branding/re-branding, marketing material, SEO, and yes, web-design, we will take your venture to the next level. Let us help you implement dynamic and interactive marketing strategies from your in-person hand-outs to your viewers online experience.


From a simple logo update, to a complete overhaul on all marketing material, Kiwi Lime can help you re-vision or imagine your brand. We'll discuss who your audience is and work with our team to help you bring a modern and unique look that is sure to turn heads.

Marketing Material

Business cards to social media ads, we've got you covered. Make your first impression a lasting impression with memorable campaigns and professional business cards so nice, no one will want to throw them away. Flyers, signs, letterhead, digital business cards, promo videos, and anything else we can think of for you!

Web Design

Need a website ahead of its time? At Kiwi Lime Creative we will do just that, design a website that will look modern, professional, and user friendly for any client, customer, or user that may be visiting your site. We are meticulous and wild, the perfect combination of creativity and professionalism.


70% of all website clicks from a Google search are on the top three search results. This means that if your web page isn't one of the first three results, your chance of even getting seen drops to 30%. Let us help you focus your website to gain rank on the Google leader board to maximize your business.


We understand that what you may be looking for may not fit into one of these boxes, and we're looking for that challenge. Whatever you think of, whatever you imagine, Kiwi Lime wants to help you make that a reality. Let us put that dream, vision, and passion into pixels, on to paper, or into people's hands.